April 18, 2009

I can't believe they would charge that much

One of my customers called me yesterday and was almost in tears. She had taken her to a shop to repair a non start problem. She was told the ignition switch had to be replaced, new keys and labor. Total cost $430. Mind you this is a 97 Chevy Lumina sedan with 160,000 miles. The car would only start every 10 to 15 tries. Other times nothing happened. I told her tow the car here and she did. The locksmith I deal with came by, replaced a broken wire and was paid $40 for the work. GM ignition systems of this vintage use an electronic security system to allow the car to start. The key in the switch can turn without starting the car if the security system isn't working right. Broken wires are a problem. I would hate to think how many people have been charged $400 for what really amounts to about 30-45 minutes labor if you repair the problem. 2-3 hours if you replace all the parts to new car standards, plus the cost of parts.

Which would you rather have done to your car. Our customer was ecstatic. The $400 extra was money she didn't have to spend.


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