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Air conditioning not blowing hard enough? This one part could fix it!


Have you noticed that your air conditioner is blowing cold, but not as hard as it used to? There's one inexpensive fix that can make a huge difference in your health and comfort.

Automobiles bring air from outside the car into the air conditioning and heating systems, but before that air gets to you, it goes through a cabin air filter.  These small filters can get clogged with dust and other debris over time, expecially in dusty climates like here in Phoenix. Now that we're past the monsoon season, it's a great time to check your cabin air filter.

Our salesman, Don Piper, who had never changed a cabin air filter before, will show you how easy it is on this 2007 Toyota Yaris.
Closed glove box
First, open the glove box and take out any items you have stored in there. Then look for retention tabs on the side of the glove box and squeeze them in gently.
Right glove box retention tab - closeup


Don squeezing the sides of the glove box
The glove box will drop all the way down and may come off of its hinge. If it comes off, set it down out of the way.

Glove box detached
Behind there should be a plastic cover with an arrow stamped on it.  That arrow tells you which way the air filter has to be installed. It should pop off easily when you squeeze the retaining clips.

Removing the cover

Once the cover is off, pull out the old cabin air filter.

Pulling out the old cabin air filter

Not so bad, but on some, you have to flip it over to check it.  Yikes!

Clogged and dirty cabin air filter

This filter is dirty and badly clogged, so we're going to replace it with a new one.

New cabin air filter
Make sure to install it with the arrow pointing in the same direction as was on the plastic cover you removed.

Close up of new cabin air filter

Slide it in to the empty slot and replace the cover.

Replacing the cover

Sliding the new cabin air filter in

You may want to write down the date you replaced the cabin air filter on the instructions and keep it with your maintenance records.

Cabin air filter instructions with date

Replace the glove box and enjoy cleaner and cooler air for around $10 and five minutes of work.

Don Piper after a job well done

Let us know if you have any questions and if you want us to show you where your cabin air filter is, just stop by Consolidated Auto Sales and we'll help you out.




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