1610 E. Van Buren St., Phoenix, AZ

What’s the story behind Sarwark’s Consolidated Auto Sales?

In 1942, Roman “Slim” Sarwark, son of Polish immigrants, moved from South Bend, Indiana after losing one of his lungs to tuberculosis. He arrived in Phoenix with just the money in his pocket and a drive to succeed. Through hard work and investment, he and his wife Ruth built Sarwark Motor Sales into the biggest used car dealership in Arizona by 1954.

The lot has been on the same corner of 16th Street and Van Buren in downtown Phoenix since the founding in 1942, making our dealership the oldest independent auto dealership in the Valley. Over the years, the name changed to Sarwark’s Consolidated Auto Sales.

Frank Sarwark, Roman’s son, joined the business from a young age and moved into management, taking over completely after Roman passed away in 1999. Frank modernized the business, expanded advertising, and embraced green innovations like solar power.  With his trademark hat and mustache, Frank is constantly recognized when walking the lot or around town from the television commercials he did over the last few decades.

In late 2014, Roman’s grandson, Nick Sarwark, returned to Phoenix to join the family business. After going away to school and building careers in information technology and law, he brought his wife Valerie and their three children back to Phoenix to continue the Sarwark family tradition of selling quality used cars to good people and treating customers like they are members of the family.

Sarwark’s Consolidated Auto Sales works to offer high-quality, affordable, safe cars and trucks so families can have reliable transportation to get to work or get the kids to school.

For customers who need financing to purchase a car, we work with the oldest automotive finance company in the state of Arizona, Family Loan Company, to offer affordable payments and easy credit approvals. Family Loan recognizes that it can be hard for the average person to get a car loan through a bank or loan company. Many people who have been turned down for auto financing due to bad credit or problems like divorce or bankruptcy have been approved by Family Loan.  When customers finance a car through Family Loan Company, they take the first step to rebuilding credit and moving past whatever temporary setbacks they’ve had.

As a local company, Family Loan Company recognizes that most people who were being turned down for a car loan, could and would pay for the car they purchased. They understand that divorce, loss of job, illness and other temporary circumstances can create difficulties. That’s why they look at what a customer is doing now more than what they have done in the past.

Many customers of Sarwark’s Consolidated Auto Sales have gone on to buy cars from other dealerships around town but have come back to buy their next car from Sarwark’s Consolidated Auto Sales because they prefer that way of doing business over the big dealerships and finance companies.

For three generations, Sarwark’s Consolidated Auto Sales has built a reputation for helping families buy their first car and many more after that. The simple formula of selling reliable cars on affordable terms to good people has worked for over 75 years.